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August 31, 2022

What if & made a Hypercar/Supercar?! Also, help me name this thing!Presenting the "ELECTRIFYING 2020s" my final submission for my art piece, I give you my TESLA PRECEPT Concept. x Kyza collab anyone? 😂I've really wanted to try get what I envisioned in my mind to a format that others could look at, taking influence from modern day Hypercars from the Mission R, Czinger, Rimac, Polestar & Evija, trying to mesh it with what very little design language the Tesla Roadster had. This is the outcome. Kinda like it 🤍Based off the Tesla Roadster as it's base, this machine was concepted with the idea of Tesla entering that Supercar/Hypercar market, but also looking the part. A lot of organic forms played a part in it's conception, I just wanted to lend my own little signature into this new world of Electrifying cars, both on track and off.Doing these projects with really inspired me to explore what could be, and helped push me out of my comfort zone. For this last piece, I wanted to really push things further. Electric cars are certainly taking over the industry at the moment at an alarming rate, it only felt right to give my spin on such a topic. Hope ya like it!--This is just a super early and kinda rough version/concept. I'd love go properly finesse it and make a super Hypercar version in the future, as I just ran out of time!.--#sponsoredpost #meguiars #120yearsofmeguiars #portraitofanicon #future #reflectyourpassion #sponsored #art #design #3d #tesla #electric #supercar #hypercar #concept #advert #kyza #ks #khyzylsaleem #speedhunters #topgear #donutmedia #raceservice #hypebeast #carsofinstagram #jdm #japan #whatif