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🚘 From the Bugatti Veyron to the Pagani Utopia, this is our list of the very best cars.
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image  1 Petrolicious - The Maserati Sebring II
September 24, 2022

The Maserati Sebring II: Luxury That’s Still At Home Among The Skeletons Of An Old Cement Factory“The Sebring 2 is not an overtly flashy car: it’s not made to shock and awe. The people who would choose such a car would not feel that they have something to prove. On the contrary, this car was for those with a lot to spend but with little to prove in doing so. It’s for those who find no point in bragging about a life that includes a fair share of brag-worthy fodder.“This photoshoot was done in the morning, staving off the ruthless heat of the mid afternoon sun, and we are nested in shadows that coat this place in contrast. The spirit of some imagined “last night” is still here, not yet washed out by the following day. That’s the essence of this car. It skirts the line between hedonistic and no-nonsense seemingly without compromise on either end, fitting in equally well in posh valet lines as it does here among the sunbaked remains of heavy industry and hard labor.”Find the full story and gallery by Virgiliu Andone ( at Petrolicious.comLink in bio#Maserati #MaseratiSebring #Barcelona #ItalianCars #ClassicCars #Petrolicious #DriveTastefully
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