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image  1 Petrolicious - This is the brand-new, limited-edition Koenigsegg CC850
August 27, 2022

This is the brand-new, limited-edition Koenigsegg CC850. It has a six-speed gated manual transmission with a clutch pedal. It also has a nine-speed automatic that shifts gears in two milliseconds. In other words, this is a radical new hypercar that could only come from Christian von Koenigsegg and his team of mad scientists in Sweden. Celebrating twenty years of the company’s founding, and paying homage to its first production model, the CC8S, the CC850 is a driver-focused, 1385-horsepower piece of extreme engineering that celebrates the analog tradition through the use of innovative (and in-house-developed) technology.There is a clutch pedal with hydraulic force feedback and a gated six-speed shifter, but that’s all just a simulated analog interface for the cutting edge digital system doing the work behind the scenes. Learn more and check out the full gallery at Petrolicious.comLink in bio#KoenigseggCC850 #Koenigsegg #KoenigseggCC8S #ChristianvonKoenigsegg #Petrolicious #Supercars #Hypercars #Sweden #SwedishCars #DriveTastefully #PebbleBeach #CarWeek #MontereyCarWeek #ConceptCars
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