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image  1 Petrolicious - This is the brand-new, limited-edition Koenigsegg CC850
August 27, 2022

This is the brand-new, limited-edition Koenigsegg CC850. It has a six-speed gated manual transmission with a clutch pedal. It also has a nine-speed automatic that shifts gears in two milliseconds. In other words, this is a radical new hypercar that could only come from Christian von Koenigsegg and his team of mad scientists in Sweden. Celebrating twenty years of the companyโ€™s founding, and paying homage to its first production model, the CC8S, the CC850 is a driver-focused, 1385-horsepower piece of extreme engineering that celebrates the analog tradition through the use of innovative (and in-house-developed) technology.There is a clutch pedal with hydraulic force feedback and a gated six-speed shifter, but thatโ€™s all just a simulated analog interface for the cutting edge digital system doing the work behind the scenes. Learn more and check out the full gallery at Petrolicious.comLink in bio#KoenigseggCC850 #Koenigsegg #KoenigseggCC8S #ChristianvonKoenigsegg #Petrolicious #Supercars #Hypercars #Sweden #SwedishCars #DriveTastefully #PebbleBeach #CarWeek #MontereyCarWeek #ConceptCars
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