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image  1 What keeps hearts racing at AMG
April 2, 2023

What keeps hearts racing at AMG? For our technicians, it’s exclusive craftsmanship meets next-gen tech.​​The “One Man, One Engine” philosophy sees every V8 engine pieced together with great care and passion by just one, dedicated pair of hands from beginning to end.​​Now combining this word-class hand finishing principle with the power of Industry 4.0 methods, we continue to set the standard for excellence in the M139 engine. It‘s not only the world's most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder in series production with an outstanding output of up to 310 kW (421 hp). The M139 also comes to life in our new assembly shop “Blue Sky“, a bright and airy space without suspended, wired power cables – made possible by revolutionary digitisation and efficiency.​​#MercedesAMG #AMG #TechDecoded #OneManOneEngine #Affalterbach
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